Contemplating a blow torch; advice?


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Contemplating a blow torch; advice?

nooodles | May 22, 2006 08:56 PM

So I think I'm finally going to get a blow torch. Not one of those little hand held creme brulee torches from a gourmet supplies store. A real blow torch from a hardware store.

The ones I've seen most in restaurants are a foot tall, blue butane canister with blow torch attached. They look mighty powerful.

Is it completely crazy to have one of these (and a fire extinguisher) in a small apartment? I mostly want it for browning the tops of certain dishes, making creme brulee, browning meringue, and searing the tops of nigiri sushi like I've seen at some japanese restaurants. Of course, the power and butane capacity of the $25 hardware store torch is much more tempting than the tiny $20+ food torch. Plus, a huge replacement canister is $4 (probably cheaper if I shop around) and I'm sure a replacement for the fancy little kitchen toy would be just as much.

Also, what other kitchen uses are there for a torch?

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