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how do you consume a Korean consommé soup?


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how do you consume a Korean consommé soup?

stratford | Dec 31, 2011 08:43 AM

So I tried a bulgogi meal at a Korean restaurant. The plate of beef was served with lettuce, rice, and an assortment of banchan dishes which were fun to try, and the whole meal was delicious. Only puzzling part of the dinner was that it also came with a very thin consommé soup which had a sprinkle of a few chopped scallions in it. Is this soup supposed to be drunk from the bowl at intervals throughout the meal, drunk after the meal, or are you supposed to put rice in it or something? I thought I remembered going to a Korean restaurant once a long time ago where the waitress told me to do the latter, but I'm not sure if I remember correctly. Can someone describe how Koreans typically consume this soup?

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