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(Yet another) confit question

foreverhungry | Apr 10, 201210:48 AM

I've searched the threads, and have not found information on this, so here's the thought. Sorry if this has already been addressed.

Is is possible to subtract one step from the duck leg confit making process by taking a leg or two, and after the salting process, placing them in a suitably sized canning jar and adding melted duck fat, placing the jars (without lids) in a large pot with simmering water that comes up to about 3/4 of the jars' height, and simmering for 4-5 hours, adding water as needed?

The idea is that instead of cooking the legs in fat and then transferring them to a storage vessel, can you just cook them in the storage vessel to begin with? I realize we're not talking about a big time saver, but it seems it would be easier in terms of knowing how much fat you need for both cooking and storage if they are combined in a single step.

An added advantage is that the temperature of simmering water is about 185 to 200, which seems to be right in the temperature range for confting duck legs, but maintaining that in some ovens can be difficult.

Is there either a finished product quality reason that this would not work as well as the "traditional" method, or are there safety/health concerns?


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