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Condiments for hot dogs


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Condiments for hot dogs

mbfant | May 9, 2014 09:43 AM

Don't laugh.

I'm here in Rome planning a cookout Sunday for a group of mainly Italian friends expecting an American experience. I have decent potato salad and cole slaw in my repertoire. We'll grill hamburgers and probably cook spareribs in the oven. I have good hot dogs, and even buns, i just brought back from New York. I have mustard and ketchup but I forgot to buy relish, and I'll never find it here in the time available (if ever). I will probably be able to buy sauerkraut (from Alto Adige), but, much as I love it, it seems a little more New York than the rest of the menu. Or does it? What else could I serve as an alternative?

Many thanks!

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