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New Concerns About Imported Foods


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New Concerns About Imported Foods

Querencia | Jul 10, 2007 04:36 AM

I have never been a health-nut shopper limiting myself to "organic" stores and farmers' markets and have loved the fun and variety of ethnic markets. However, recent bad news about products coming from China---and possibly other faraway places---have gotten my attention. I recently stopped buying the frozen scallops I've bought previously because they are farmed in China, which my morning paper informs me uses fish-tank water contaminated with factory pollutants. I read that China also doesn't scruple to lie on labels (so can "Thailand" really mean "China"?) Such generic products as "stablizers" have turned out to be poisonous industrial chemicals (yesterday, the gluten in catfood; tomorrow, why not the gluten in US-canned soup?) And now today's Yahoo News announces that China has executed (put to death!) the head of its FDA for taking payola to allow bad stuff. I'm glad they're concerned, but somehow feel this won't end the problem. It's hard to find the safe ground between being a toxicologist and becoming a culinary provincial. How are others coping with this downside of globalization?

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