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Concern over suspiciously pleasurable mushrooms

wickedsluggy | Jun 29, 201705:31 PM     4

I have found shitake mushrooms are very inexpensive at some of my local Asian grocery stores near Dallas, Texas (Ranch 99 etc). They are the thick stemmed, rough capped type. They have an incredible aroma that fills my car when I'm bringing them home. The aroma fills my house when I cook them. And their flavor is delicious, super rich and meaty. I can't tell where they are from, so I am somewhat worried about eating them, because I am finding myself hungry for them all the time - they're no longer just an occasional part of my diet. I actually feel as though they might contain something, like an additive to the growing media that makes them unnaturally pleasing. I am wondering if anyone else has been suspicious of these mushrooms.

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