Composting kitchen waste [split from Cookware board]


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Composting kitchen waste [split from Cookware board]

Joyfull | Jun 28, 2012 01:27 PM

[NOTE: We've moved this discussion from this thread on the Cookware board -- THE CHOWHOUND TEAM]

Had a gold filter, got rid it for the very reason you posted. I buy unbleached coffee filters, and the used filter & grinds go in my garden composter.

If I didn't have my garden composter, the filter & grinds would go in our green waste bin. Our city has changed to a 3 bin recycling/garbage pickup in the last year. We have one small wheeled bin for garbage, and its picked up every two weeks. . (We can not put food scraps, meat bones etc, in the garbage bin )
We have a large wheeled bin for recycling, ie, glass, paper, tins, plastic, cardboard, and another large wheeled bin for garden waste, all kitchen waste, including pizza boxes & fast food containers. The garden & kitchen waste bin is picked up weekly, with the recycling bin being picked up every two weeks.
It's a good system but can be a pain in the butt making sure everything is where it should be. But, it's good to know all the kitchen waste that used to go to the dump, is now being processed into usable compost for gardeners.

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