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Comparison Grocery Shopping in LA

Hobsons Choice | Jul 27, 2008 02:36 PM

Picking up on Das Ubergeek's post on his trip to the Calabasas Gelson's, I thought I would throw this out there... Has anybody recently done comparison shopping at the various grocery stores in LA? I talking about pricing the same items at Whole Foods, Gelsons, Bristol Farms, Ralphs, Albertsons, Trader Joes, etc.

Earlier this week, I was at Whole Foods, where lemons were being sold for 99 cents each. I decided to pass on them, knowing I was heading over the Ralphs a few blocks away. I expected them to be cheaper. The Ralphs' price for lemons — $1.29 each. I ended up buying the lemons at Trader Joe's, where I purchased a bag of 7 lemons for $1.69.

Similarly, I was at Albertson's a few weeks ago. I wanted to make a buffalo chicken salad from scratch and I needed blue cheese. The pre-packed Treasure Cave crumbled blue cheese, which I don't typically buy because it is industrially made, was priced over $15.00 per pound. That is more than some top notch artisinal blue cheese at places like the Cheese Store of Silverlake or Surfas in Culver City. But, unless you did the math, you might never have realized that the 4 or 5 oz. package of blue cheese was so expensive.

I posted about it here:

I am curious what you all have found. Perhaps we can put together a working list of deals around town?

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