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How common are food allergies and aversions- really?


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How common are food allergies and aversions- really?

cheesemonger | Oct 5, 2007 04:41 PM

I keep seeing posts about accomodating people with food allergies- it seems to be incredibly common that any given person will have loads of friends that cannot eat this or that.

More posts than that are about unadventurous eaters- folks who's palates are so limited that it veritably holds their dining companions hostage.

Don't get me wrong, I freely acknowledge that real allergies exist, but..... I can't tell you how many patrons I've had that are "allergic" to one thing or another- a favorite was the customer allergic to casein, so can only eat sheep's milk cheese. Well, sheep's milk is highest in casein compared to cow and goats milk (cow's milk: 2.9-3.5%, goat's milk: ~3.75%, sheep's milk: 5.6-6%). She was a charming woman, and I happily accomodated her delusion. I really wanted to share the above info with her, but did not for fear of making her feel silly. I don't doubt that most people believe these things, but sometimes it's just not credible.

Do all of you know people that have, for lack of a better term "food issues"? I ask because in my personal life, other than one friend in another state that is gluten intolerant, I never even think about this when putting a menu together, and I've had numerous dinner guests, and made all sorts of foods. When I invite people over, I never ask guests what I'm allowed to make, and I've never put in requests to hosts.

So, how common is this really? How many people in your close circle do you have to accomodate because of food issues? And not to leave out the other side- if you have an allergy or aversion, how do you deal with it?

This is not meant to be hard on people with real problems, please don't see it as such- I'm only trying to figure out how common it really is, seeing as it essentially doesn't exist with people that I actually know and socialize with. All my friends are ultimate omnivores.

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