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What colour to get - Le Creuset dutch ovens :-)

CHSeifert | Jul 22, 201710:44 PM

Yes, I know, not the most necessary thread in the world - what colour Le Creuset Dutch oven to get,
What a bland question !

But I have opted for Le Creuset over Staub for two reasons: The LC are a tiny bit lighter (yet heavy enough) and the handles are larger, which makes it easier to take it out of the oven with ovenmitts.

And I like the design of the LC slightly better over the Staub.

I'm buying one in 28 cm and one in 26 cm. The larger one is for my soups and stocks, the smaller one for stews, that might end up going in the oven.

I already own one in 30 cm, but I'm giving that away to my father, because it 's too big for my gas stove, and works better on his induction stove (I have tested it)

My preference is for the volcanic orange, since my GF likes the colour (and so do I) but I'm a bit worried it might stain more asily than the clæassic red will do in the long run. Anyone with experience, they would like to share regarding this (extremely life important) subject ?

I also own a larger 32 cm roasting pot/dutch oven from Le Creuset, and that is red in colur, but had a darker interior similar to what my Staub braisers have. It should be more robust for high heat, but is it ?
You can get the same black interior in the Le Creuset dutch oven, if you pick the black colour, or so I've heard. Anyone with experience regarding the black interior Le Creuset dutch ovens ? Is is similar to Staub black interior ?

I also intend to use a hand blender directly in the Le Creuset DO, so will this influence what interior I should pick ?

Thanks for helping.

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