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Collapsing Posts in Old Threads....


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Collapsing Posts in Old Threads....

Caroline1 | Dec 15, 2012 09:44 PM

I don't know if it's just me, but NONE of the threads I open have any collapsed posts the way the old design did. That was a great advantage that I miss sorely! Or am I the only one who doesn't have it in this new environment? The old way was soooooo easy. I immediately knew what I'd read and only the new posts were opened. Now everything -- new and old -- are open when I view a thread. I guess I won't be checking out any of the old threads that have hundreds of posts! Is there ANY chance of getting the collapsed old posts back when we open a thread?

Oh, and I also miss the "Favorites" where I could easily access the boards I frequented most. I've looked all over (or at least I think I have) and can't find it any more, so I assume it went the way of the collapsed posts?

Don't mean to be negative. I know you guys have worked your tails off on this new format, but these are two things that really were excellent! Any chance they might live again?

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