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Coffee Storage, Cleaning a Thermal Carafe - 5 ?'s


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Coffee Storage, Cleaning a Thermal Carafe - 5 ?'s

Mark M | Nov 26, 2003 08:56 AM

I recently bought a Capresso TEC coffee maker and just got a delivery of Kona beans. Last night, after grinding about 2 days worth of beans it dawned on me...I love to drink coffe but I don't know a thing about the proper care for good coffee.

For those "in the know," here are my 5?'s.

#1)The beans should be stored in the freezer, correct?

#2) After the cofee package is opened - Does it need to be sealed in an airtight bag OR is a simple clip on the opened bag sufficient?

#3) Grinding beans in the morning is a sound I can live without. I plan on grinding a few days worth of beans in the evening. Where do I store the ground beans to ensure a great cup of coffee?

#4) Is a simple saran wrap covering sufficient for 2 days worth of ground beans?

#5) What is the proper way to clean a Thermal Carafe?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance...

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