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Coffee shops / cafes w/free wireless internet?


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Coffee shops / cafes w/free wireless internet?

Marvin | Jan 23, 2007 07:24 AM

Hi all..

Help me kick my Starbucks / TMobile habbit. This costs me $20 / month extra to TMobile (on top of my cell phone bill), plus at least one $4 overpriced beverage every time I go. Except for the convinience of having a Starbucks at just about every 2nd or 3rd intersection in LA, there's not too much to be said for this arrangement. So, I'd like to know, are there any mom & pop places (or other chains) around town that offer free wireless internet and will let me plug my laptop in to a power socket for a few hours? And will any of these not rip me off $4 every time I wish to sip the Elixir of the Bean?

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