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Cloyingly Sweet Corn


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Cloyingly Sweet Corn

Jim Leff | Sep 5, 2012 01:12 PM

This is something that's been building over the past decade, and finally taken over. I'm talking about cloyingly sweet corn. Corn that's way too sweet, and has very little fresh corn flavor. It gets by on its impressive, over-the-top, untoothsome sweetness.

I'm finding this is true of corn from major wholesalers as well as from small farms. So my question to any produce gurus out there is: is this a varietal thing? It'd make sense to select for sweetness, since that's what customers like (and I did, too, until it went so over the top). Or is it a climate thing, i.e. climate change in the northeast has resulted in increasingly sweeter corn?

I'm thinking it's got to be the latter; there simply hasn't been enough time for everyone to switch over, en masse, to a new variety. But then, why, then, is it not only overly sweet, but also weak-flavored? I find myself struggling to remember what corn on the cob used to taste like (that vaguely sulfurous/milky quality).

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