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Clover Bakery – A spaghetti sandwich for Ms. Wine

Krys | Feb 9, 200511:50 PM     11

In a Japanese bakery discussion Melanie mentioned that she still had not tried Clover Bakery in San Jose or their spaghetti sandwich. Now something as nutty as a spaghetti sandwich made me pay attention and I took it as a personal challenge to try it the next time I was in that area.

This Japanese bakery has a large and unusual (to me) selection of buns and baked goods.

The spaghetti sandwich was in a small little dinner type sweet roll topped with a sprig of parsley and slices of hot dog. It was really the roll that made this sandwich. Spaghetti on Wonder Bread, Acme bread, etc … no. It had a real junk food appeal to it yet went well with a glass of Haywood Cabernet

The chop suey sandwich … no … too greasy and even the bun couldn’t save it.

I bought a few other items and really like the freshness of the baked goods and am especially fond of the sweet bread rolls like the bun I had filled with a delicious chestnut cream. A green colored bun was like a nice scone but didn’t have any detectable green tea flavor.

I am so tired of donuts after trying, it seems, every donut in the Bay Area. So I hesitated before buying the little tiny donut filled with bean paste. But, why not add Japanese donuts to my list ethnic donuts I’ve sampled. I didn’t like it. It was too heavy and chewy and it is rare that I like something filled with bean paste, fried sesame balls being an exception.

A few other items I noted were fried hot dogs, fried curry buns, sweet potato buns, melon buns, coco melon buns, etc… there is a whole wall of buns each individually wrapped in cellophane bags. There are a number of savory buns like the spaghetti bun which include creamy crab, fish burger, tokansu beef (I may have that wrong). They have something called a UFO which is a green bun shaped like a UFO. I thought anpan was the Japanese name for donut until I saw an anpan bun. I’m guessing that means bean paste.

My poor fiancé. He really didn’t know what I meant when I said I didn’t cook, but I shopped well

In the past few weeks he has had Portuguese, Filipino, Japanese, Russian, Indian, French, Fijian, Hungarian, Italian, Polish and Chinese food. If this is Tuesday it must be Belgium.

Happily it turns out that he is quite the chowhound and really likes the different foods. He has only two flaws, IMO, in that he prefers instant Folgers to Graffeo coffee and he didn’t like the Crixa chocolate cake.

One other flaw is he never tells me where he gets some of the incredible Mexican food he brings home. It is always just a place ‘up the street’ or ‘near work’.

He always has an amused smile when I bring something new home. However, I think that the spaghetti sandwich topped with hot dog slices was the test of our relationship. He took one look at it and laughed out loud. However, he liked it also. Neither one of us liked the chow mein sandwich. The cat wouldn’t touch it either.

The bakery is in the same large plaza as Mitsuwa market, a huge Japanese supermarket. This seems to be a Japanese section in San Jose. There are many Japanese shops and restaurants. The plaza that Mitsuwa and Clover are located in seems to be all Japanese stores.

Clover Bakery and Café
4342A Moorpark Avenue
San Jose, Calif 95129
(408) 257-3412

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