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Clear liquids only

foiegras | Dec 30, 200901:43 PM

I'm prepping for a procedure tomorrow, and I'm bored out of my ever-loving mind :) Not to mention hungry. I don't have a juicer (normally I just eat the fruit), and I'm not really in the mood to cook (say a nice homemade stock). Besides clear liquids, I can't have anything red or green. But I can fantasize about solid foods, no one can take that away from me ...

So far I've had ... spring water, chicken broth, grape jello (only flavor besides lemon that the store had that wasn't red or green, with no fake sweeteners!!), and non-optional berry flavored Gatorade.

Any great ideas for me? I'm thinking fresh juice from the grocery store, but I'm hoping you guys might have some brighter ideas than mine. Thanks in advance!

PS Interestingly, my dogs (whom I cook for and who eat everything, and who help out by pre-cleaning the pots and pans) won't touch the Pyrex in which I made the grape jello. They sniff, and back away. They apparently think it is some weird s%^!, and they are probably right.

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