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All-Clad or what?


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All-Clad or what?

cheyenne | Jul 9, 2002 11:13 PM

We were amazon shopping and somehow got on the subject of pans... So, these All-Clad pans sure are snazzy looking and I'm personally in love with the photo of the copper paella pan. However, Costco (we only have the membership for the articles) has these Cuisinart "Classique" copper/aluminum core/18-10 stainless pans (a whole set) for around $250ish. For comparison, in case you didn't know, the All-Clad copper paella pan *alone* is $250ish... (but it has such a huge pink... lid).

So, I don't know that much about cooking ware, but I have decided I have enough disposable income to splurge on a good set of pans (you probably don't realize that we have been cooking on ultra-lightweight stainless backpacking pans for the last 10 years. I'm not kidding. **YO! Jim Leff: I can make you an awesome deal on some camping pans..)

Here are my questions:
1. Are the All-Clad pans flat-out roll-over drop-dead the best (i.e., the "Cat's Ass")?
2. Will I be offended by pans that are clearly trying to compete with All-Clad in looks and not quality? (Is the Cuisinart brand only so much cheaper because they are not made in the US?--I'm guessing since they don't mention where they are made.)
3. Is there yet another, undiscovered, even more expensive brand of cooking ware I am not aware of?
(bonus question #4. Will I have to polish them ever time I wash them?)

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