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Which city's Chow board do you frequent, just to live vicariously?

globocity | Aug 7, 201310:52 AM

I find myself frequently looking at the Paris and Manhattan discussions. In a past thread I identified Portland as my "food crush" but I don't look at that board unless I am planning an upcoming trip.

Paris Manhattan are places I often want to be whisked away to and my way of doing so is to eavesdrop on the Chowhound food and wine conversations. I've been to Manhattan several times and Paris only a few. Those experiences were enough to draw me in for life.

It's also interesting to read locals' opinions, gripes, and questions about their community's food scenes. So I'm not necessarily taking notes, intending to go to places discussed on these boards any time soon, but it is my foodie escape. At times it makes me imagine various culinary offerings or appreciate my local city's (San Diego) food scene. The latter only happens when I read lamentations about a lack of good Mexican food, although Paris now has more options in this area.

Which cities do you "visit"?


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