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City Hall in Keller - DO NOT GO!!!! Avoid like the plague!


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City Hall in Keller - DO NOT GO!!!! Avoid like the plague!

FoodChic | Jun 14, 2011 06:01 PM

I have always been a champion of City Hall....until now! It has been bought out by a new group that takes incompetence to a whoke new level!!

When it opened, It was exactly what Keller needed. A little more upscale food, not a chain and good menu options. The lace hit a real rocky spot until a new chef came in and the place really improved. The manager, Josh, was so great with his customers he made sure everyonenwas happy with their food and always had drinks pouring as his regulars (like us) walked in the door. A few months later Courtney came in as bartender and shenwas just as great. We loved it and often were there a couple nights a week as it was easy to stop after work.

So one night in April/May we walked in to find out the restaurant had been sold to a new group. Josh was leaving, but Courtney would stay. We tried to remain optimistic...but sadly that's without hope.

So, about 10 days after City Hall reopened we thought we'd see how things were going. We walked in and things were clearly in disarray with pots banging and meetings seemed to be going on with the staff. We sat at the bar to get a drink and Courtney had been removed from the bar to wait tables...that was the first mistake. The second was the new bartender...she didn't have a clue. I asked for a Mumm split and she actually told us she didn't know what a split was...I kid you not! The "bartender" told me she didn't know what a split was!! AND she gave me a wine glass and was shocked to know sparkling wine is served in a flute. We sat horrified while our favorite bartender, Courtney, was moved out of reach! My husband asks for the Kim Crawford and we were told they no longer have it. Another regular we know told my husband they won't be carrying it as the new owner said he's going to have other wine despite the fact that the new owner was provided a list of what regulars drink. Needless to say, we left.

Tonight we went and worked out and swam so we thought we'd pop in and give them another chance and get a to go order. When we walked in the place was a mess...people waiting for tables inspite of open tables and many tables were unbussed. We walked over to the bar, and a waiter approached us to tell us there was no bartender and if we wanted food we'd have to go sit at a table??? WHAT?? I asked him, "What is happening to this place?" He actually said to me, "We're booked solid tonight." we just sat stunned! It was 7 p.m. on a Tuesday, the place was half empty, and he had the audacity to tell they were booked solid. And instead offering to get us a drink and take our order, they have lost a regular customer that has consistently recommened the place. And they've lost us for good!!

City Hall Restaurant
201 Town Center Ln #1101, Keller, TX 76248

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