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Could cilantro have a season?


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Could cilantro have a season?

susancinsf | Nov 12, 2005 06:14 PM

Inspired by a new-for-me Diana Kennedy book I picked up at the used bookstore yesterday, I decided to spend sometime tomorrow perfecting my chilaquiles while I was at the Farmer's Market today picked up some ingredients, including cilantro.

Anyway, I am in the habit of tasting a tiny bit of cilantro before I buy, mostly to make sure without my glasses that I am not accidently getting italian parsley or something went to three different stalls and the grocery store, and the cilantro, while definitely cilantro and not parsley or whatever, just didn't taste was rather bland, not vibrant at all. In one instance, it tasted oddly sweet.

Any thoughts? Could it possibly be out of season? Are cilantro growers starting to breed it to appeal to those of you who don't really like cilantro? Or did I just have bad shopping luck today?

At the risk of making this local to the SF Board, perhaps I should have tried the Mission Safeway....really, though, not looking for hints as to where to buy a good bunch, since it is fairly ubiquitous...just curious as to why it sometimes taste more like I think it should (ie stronger in flavor) than other times...

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