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Cigarette smoke gets in your food

Spice_zing | Apr 5, 201205:21 PM

Scenario A:

Greek Resto X was a two hour drive from home and had delicious moussaka. I happened to be in the area on business and ordered take-out. My mouth was watering during the drive home bec it had been over a year since I’d been there. When I got home and warmed the dish it had absorbed cigarette smoke from the resto bar and was ruined.

Scenario B:

There’s a dear elderly friend who is always welcome at the holiday table. She is a great cook and often brings a side dish despite her advanced age and fragile health condition. Problem is she’s a chain smoker and her food sometimes tastes like cigarettes. It’s hit or miss depending on if the dish has come directly from the oven to the table or if it’s been sitting in the house for awhile. (Once she gave me a batch of cookies that were so saturated with smoke they were inedible.) I’ve never said anything bec she’s very sensitive and her friendship is more important. I just discretely push the food together to make it look like I’ve eaten some and dispose of the offending dish after she’s gone.

Can anyone relate to any of this?

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