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Chow's New Adverticentric Website

gardener54 | Dec 10, 201408:50 AM     5

Okay, I've given it some time. I've tried to adjust. I keep saying to myself that it's just another paradigm shift and I'll end up forgetting that things were different.

It's NOT happening!

The only way to see the recipe title, read an entire recipe, AND see all of the ingredients of the recipe without screen jumps, multiple banners across the top - "Up next...." "State Farm....", advertisements down the side, and any other number of visual hysteria is to find the print icon within the mire and click to GET AWAY from that AWFUL cacophony!

For several years my "go to" recipe website has been Chow. Lately though, I have found myself going to the lovely New York Times newly-formed Cooking website instead of Chow.

Shame on Chow....Absolute commercialism is rearing its ugly big head. It's going to be a very easy adjustment to go to Chow less and less and less often.....

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