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Chowhounds and Freshly Ground Pepper


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Chowhounds and Freshly Ground Pepper

foodpimp | Dec 4, 2001 11:25 AM

I have seen the "no fresh pepper" buttons for sale in the new Chow Market, and I was wondering about the reasoning behind this. Is the opposition culinary in origin - meaning if the chef envisioned the dish with extra ground pepper he should have added it in the kitchen? Or is the fresh pepper question, as posed by waitstaff in numerous mediocre restaurants, just something that annoys chowhounds, much as "I'm Bruce, I'll be your waiter today" would? I am aware that most cheap ethnic eateries would never ask the fresh pepper question, so perhaps it is more of a proclamation re: the eschewing of foodie establishments in favor of chowhound ones. Still, it is a button I would never wear given how many turns of the pepper mill I require on such dishes as Caesar salad, for example. I do, however, sympathize with the sentiment behind such a button if reason #2 that I gave is cited.

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