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thanks for chowhounds for cooking inspiration!


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thanks for chowhounds for cooking inspiration!

Ruth Lafler | May 29, 2003 05:06 PM

A while back I posted about my newfound love for halibut, and galleygirl was generous enough to send me a recipe that involved baking the halibut fillets on a bed of vegetables.

This week, I had the ingredients to make one of my favorite spring dishes -- baby artichokes provencal (recipe linked below), which involves steaming the trimmed baby artichokes on a bed of sauteed veggies and white wine. I also had a big slab of halibut (8.99/lb for fresh halibut at CostCo, but the smallest piece was almost two pounds). Inspired by the recipe galleygirl sent me, I decided to try steaming the halibut with the artichokes atop the veggies and wine.

TaDa! The fish came out perfectly and tasted delicious.

Chowhound has been the direct and indirect source of so much of my experimentation and exploration of food. So thanks fellow hounds, one and all!


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