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Chowhounding tips redux - LOOKS / DECOR


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Chowhounding tips redux - LOOKS / DECOR

Stanley Stephan | Jul 25, 2002 01:10 AM

Avoid restaurants touting their view more zealously than their food (Mr Grub) . (PETER)

Don't be afraid of dives. You're judging food, not looks (David "Zeb" Cook)

Avoid restaurants in the shape of something in which you wouldn’t eat, like a boat or a goat (Mr Grub)

Be wary of restaurants whose name includes the word "authentic" along with a city - and the place is not in that city (example: Bernie's Authentic NY Deli - located in Iowa).(Pat I.)

Avoid restaurants with initials in their name, i.e., Mr. C’s, T & A Café (Mr Grub)

Avoid restaurants with an “’n” in their name, i.e., Pig ’n Speculum (Mr Grub)

Avoid places with initials and an apostrophe "S" (Bennigan's, Ruby Tuesday's, TGI Friday's,PDQ Flanagan’s etc) (Pat I.)

I avoid establishments with cute misspelled names like Kountry Kitchen or Kowboy Kafe .(scottso)

Avoid restaurants with alliterative, misspelled names: Sindy’s Seafood, Phil’s Phish (Mr Grub)

And above all, never eat in a place called "Mom's". Jim H.

Avoid places that are decorated like your grandmother's attic - with bedpans, tricycles and old trombones. (Pat I.)

I also shy away from places where a whole lot of attention is paid to kitch that's displayed everywhere. (scottso)

Avoid restaurants above the ground floor (Mr Grub)

Avoid chain restaurants, if chain is longer than 3 members or 30 miles (Mr Grub)

I avoid restaurants that look too much like chains and usually are. (Stanley Stephan)

I think you are dead-on about "the looks of a place" and trying to spot chains. Some restaurants just have that chain look, even if they aren't. I think that means the owner actually ADMIRES chain restaurants. Danna

This last tip will probably come off as snobbish, so apologies in advance. I look at the way the women are dressed. (men's clothes are generally too similar) If you have a lot of women wearing metallic shoes, patterned pants, cute-sy sweaters with crap embroidered on them, and lots of costume jewelry...I'm out of there. This indicates poor taste, but plenty of cash on the part of the women and makes me suspect a tasteless but expensive meal is in the offing! Danna

In a small town with few options, pick the place with the cleanest windows. Most likely, they at least keep the kitchen clean and often have decent food. (Fred Vinson)

Eat at any restaurant that has more than one taxi out front (zim)

Avoid restaurants where valet parking costs more than you’re paying the sitter (Mr Grub)

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