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has chowhound thought of blog awards?


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has chowhound thought of blog awards?

alkapal | Jun 24, 2009 10:00 AM

i think chowhound should do an award each year for the best all-round food blog -- the one that chowhounds love to return to time after time, the one that gives pleasure, and -- the one with the best darn recipes you want to cook, eat and serve to your friends!

i rise to the floor and hereby nominate mrs. ree drummond, pioneer woman! she's got wonderful food, served up with humor, fantastic photography of food (and other great subjects), photog lessons, home & garden stuff (like dishes, and she gives away cool kitchen appliances, yay!), the great west, animals, family, and love!

we can link the threads (here's the pioneer woman's ), and then vote by year's end! how about it?

"the golden houndie"? nah...let's get a better name, shall we?

the "golden chowhound"?

the "tempest in a teapot"? <oops! no, that's reserved for awards for certain threads on chowhound.>

it's summer; let your hair down and have some fun here!

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