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Help - this Chowhound has no taste!

Kajikit | Apr 13, 2012 09:26 AM

I had a nasty bug this week and I've lost 12 pounds... and my appetite is non-existant, and my tastebuds are on the fritz. Everything tastes and smells super-strong to me, so I'm done after one bite, if I can even stomach that. I spent the week living on icepops, gatorade, and flat soda, all of which tasted nasty but are necessary evils of illness. About the only thing I've tried so far that tastes GOOD is Vitamin Water. And I just had part of a tomato and it was delicious, if remarkably strong. What could I maybe eat???

To make things more fun, DH got diagnosed with diabetes yesterday, so we have to totally reshape our eating habits for THAT, and it just seems easier for me not to eat at all...

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