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Chowhound Style Updates Follow Up

patsully | Feb 7, 201904:09 PM     63

Hi all,

Thanks so much for all your feedback on the new Chowhound styles over the past week. Today, we’re making a number of follow up improvements to tackle the most common areas of feedback.

- Font Improvements
We’ve updated post titles in community feeds and on post pages to our standard, easier to read font. We’ve also made a few smaller tweaks, including cleanup of the Detailed community feed to remove the red font sitting on top of a red background color.

- Community Feed Improvements
For logged in users, compact feeds will include both the date of the original post and the most recent reply.

- Profile Page Improvements
All profile feeds will match the compact community feed layout, including both the date of the original post and the most recent reply. We’ve also returned comment counts and recommend counts (heart icon) to these feeds as well.

- Site Navigation Improvements
We’ve added a white circle around profile images in the site navigation to help them stand out against pages with dark backgrounds. We’ve also linked the words “Topics” and “Locations” within the “Community” nav dropdown menus.

Finally, we’ve made a number of additional visual improvements, including smoothing out the animation when switching from the Detailed to Compact view of community feeds. We will continue to test the site across the newest two versions of major web browsers and OS versions and hope to have more improvements to come.

Thanks again for the helpful feedback to date and please continue to add more notes here. As always, we ask that you comment once on any issue, refraining from re-posting the same issue several times in the thread.

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