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As a Chowhound, your portion

kare_raisu | Feb 23, 200810:50 PM

I don't want to make it sound like a chowhound should have to contribute to the boards by writing up reports of dining experiences but I think it would make for a better site and culinary discussion.

Chowhound Profiles:

- Most ask questions - "Best....in the city?"
- Many fill the role of answerer to the above question and similar ilk
- Dedicated Few write up a report on their experiences.

The two chowhounds that I am familiar with who best exemplify the last profile has to be rworange and Melanie Wong. I do not know how chowhound would be without them trailblazing their ways for the rest of us.

Anyone else have thoughts on this sound to noise ratio?

I dont mind responding to sprited requests for dining advice - because I am often at the questioning end - but I just wish I had more reports to read and cherish for their insight.

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