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Can you be a Chowhound and hate cilantro?


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Can you be a Chowhound and hate cilantro?

teekay | Dec 31, 2004 09:16 AM

OK, it's confession time.

I love Thai, Mexican, and many other cuisines that use cilantro liberally, but the green stuff makes me gag, totally ruins my enjoyment of the food. I've tried for years to develop a liking for it...but no dice. I hang my head and ask for no cilantro--and sometimes it's cooked in--or pick it out. Someone told me that there's a cilantro-hating gene, which made me feel better but didn't solve the problem for me. (I've never tried the exalted banh mi, for example, because I know it has cilantro. If I asked for a banh mi w/o cilantro, would they boot me out? Or would I just end up with a sandwich that is totally besides the point?)

Are there other cilantro-hating Chowhounders out there? Or is this, sniff, just me??

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