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How useful is Chowhound?


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How useful is Chowhound?

ttoommyy | Feb 17, 2011 11:18 AM

OK, maybe I could have thought of a better title, but it's what I've been thinking recently.

It seems ever time I open a thread like this:

"My FAVORITE place to eat in Such and Such City is Mike's. They have the best steak and the wine list is extensive. Our dessert was to die for! The place was packed and we were lucky to get a reservation; we hear it is booked for months. I can't rave enough."

The responses are:

"Reallly?!? My wife and I ate there the other night and the steak was tough, the wine list at our local deli is more extensive and I'd rather have had a Twinkie than the dessert I ordered. I would never recommend Mike's to anyone. Plus, the place was empty."


"Mike's used to be good but now everyone goes to Joe's. It's like what the old Mike's used to be, but better And by the way...a quick search of Open Table shows Mike's is far from 'booked for months'."


"We love Mike's, but not for steak, wine or dessert. The chicken is the dish to order and their beer on tap is what we saw everyone ordering. We skipped the boring desserts and opted for a cheese plate."

OK, I made up all the above comments but you get the drift. It's difficult to get a majority opinion about any restaurant on this site. It's frustrating and to be honest, I have stopped listening to people's reviews on this site. I really don't know what to think anymore. I understand everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but when they differ so much about one place, what is one to think?

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