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Limster | May 4, 2004 01:14 AM

Tsunami, Brookline

The crab roll was generous with crab, wrapped together with some rice in nori and then battered and deep fried. Drizzles of a teriyaki like sauce and an orange-pink cream sauce. Was late in the night and the oil for frying seemed a little old, reflected in the darkness of the fried batter shell.

A fine beef tataki, good sauce, careful searing. Not the most tender beef I ever had, but a satisfying dish nevertheless.

Octopus salad was satisfying, decent to good octopus, with a very nice plum sauce.

Sushi was ok I suppose, the flavours of the fish a bit on the bland side. hamachi did have its characteristic soft buttery texture, sake was was bit sinewy, and maguro seem decent.

It's a neighbourhood place and lives up to that aspiration. Generally competent, modest, unassuming. Nothing bad, but nothing out of this world.

Columbian burrito place near La Mamma's (sorry forgot name)

Pretty good empanadas, a tiny bit greasy and flat from under the heat lamp, but the essential hot sauce cures all. Generous chicken filling.

Also enjoyed a lula (hope i got this correct) shake, nice light fruitty flavour, almost orangey -- thinka cross between a tomato and orange.

Liked the crisp "slaw" they served with their pupusa; hot and made to order, but could bit a bit fatter and crisper imho. Mild tomatoey sauce to go with it.

Neat little guava paste sandwiched in wafers for dessert.

Cafe Belo, the one on Brighton Ave

Kibe's well made, but I like the hot and more spicy ones at Cafe Brazil more. Satisfying corn pudding with a good dusting of cinnamon.

La Morra, Brookline

An impressive stack of short ribs, thoroughly seasoned, glazed with balsamic perhaps. Their richness perfect against the cool herbal sharpness of watercress and their sweet glaze great with the heat from the bite of hot peppers.

You can't get more al dente than their linguine, stiff and resilient, yet supple enough to wrap around a fork. Delicious with clams and salty savoury strips of Genoa salami. Beautiful, and one of the best pasta dishes I've had in a while.

Rustic treatment for halibut, cotton white on a perch of toasted bread, like bruschetta. Tangy flavours from a tomato and olive broth, a crowd of plump mussels. Pure, simple and delicious.

Almond cake comes in a giant slice, coated with just the right amount of icing and toffee bits. The dense chewy texture of the cake is reminscent of great amaretti cookies, like those at Modern's.

A ripe fruit forward and robust chianti to drink.

Prezza, North End

Brilliant fried soft shell crab, contrasting hot crispy battered crab with cool mint flavoured cucumber slaw.

Pea ravioli with pancetta, peas, and parmagiano was very well made, but the peas lacked the pure sweetness of spring. Not bad, (in fact it was good) just not as great as the season could command.

Herrell's Renaissance Cafe, Allston

Folks who love good marizpan will certainly enjoy the almond cream flavour, the stickiness of their style of ice cream is perfect for this almondy flavour.

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