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CHOW story hits a pet peeve: Telling me I don't know what I don't like

mwliechty | Feb 15, 2015 01:16 PM

The article linked below reminded me of one of my pet peeves, which is someone telling me I really don't know what I don't like. I find it an arrogant view, and like I'm being talked down to. For example, in this article, I'm told there are nine tofu recipes even a meat eater would love. Wrong. I don't like tofu. I'm a full grown adult, I've had it several times, and I know I don't like it. A better headline might simply be: "Nine great takes on tofu." A tangent to this pet peeve is when I say I'm not a fan of tofu or, let's say, guacamole dip, and someone will say, "Well you haven't tried MY guacamole." Sigh.


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