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Chopped 10/25 !?

Whinerdiner | Oct 26, 201112:46 PM

What's going on over at Chopped? I just watched the show from last night. First, they chopped my Aussie eye candy Kayne. His dish may not have been the best, but it wasn't the worst, either. Would it have hurt them to do me a favor and let him stay a little longer?

Ok, I get that it's a food competition not a beauty pageant. But then, in the entree round, the two girls served raw chicken. One more than the other - but still - raw chicken. The guy served a pasta dish. Marc Murphy said there was "nothing wrong" with it, but it was kinda safe, without much creativity. So, who gets chopped? The girls who served raw poultry or the guy who maybe played it safe, but served an edible dish?

Of course, the guy gets it. It seemed to me that the "fix" was in for the winner. She's a food stylist for The Today Show, and has worked with many of the Food Network chefs when they've appeared on the show. I don't know, just sayn'...

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