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which would you choose?


Not About Food 31

which would you choose?

mark | Aug 23, 2005 02:59 PM

you're strolling down the beach, dreaming about dinner, when you stub your toe on something sticking out of the sand. you uncover an ornate bottle and pull the stopper. POOF! out springs a fat genie.

he gives you the choice between two wishes: one, you can eat, for free and with good service, one meal per day at any restaurant of your choice (you'll click your heels to get to it); -or- two, you can have the ability to cook better than the best, and a never-go-bare pantry always filled with whatever you want.

but before you decide, here's the genie trade-off (there's always a downside, isn't there?). if you choose the former, you'll be incompetent in the kitchen, incapable of even making toast and having it taste any better than fair. if you choose the latter, you will be unable to ever enjoy yourself in a restaurant, the food will be blah and the service will be so-so.

which do you choose?

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