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Chipped Glass

Ruby | Apr 5, 2001 11:42 AM

A couple of weeks ago I was served beer in a large water glass where the rim was chipped. I drank some of the beer and didn't notice the chip right away-I didn't cut myself. I brought this to the attention of the waiter who informed the manager (this is a new Indian restaurant that I'd rather not list because it's happened before in other places). The manager was very apologetic and replaced the glass but not the beer.

When the check arrived the beer was charged and I didn't say anything but I felt they should have comped the beer (not a big deal for them or me...$3.00) or given me a second one. Instead, they brought over a rice pudding and generously said "it's on the house." By this time, I was ready to leave and I'm not a rice pudding fan anyway. To be courteous I took a couple of bites (too sweet) smiled and left.

As stated, this chipped glass incident has happened to me before in diners and a couple of moderately-priced restaurants. I guess it's common if glasses are placed in a dishwasher. Anyway, it may be wise to check your glass beforehand.

I'm kind of curious - what would other Chowhounds have done?

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