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Chino To Las Vegas: Pit Stop Update


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Chino To Las Vegas: Pit Stop Update

Chino Wayne | Jun 2, 2005 12:45 AM

The Mrs. and I made one of our necessary trips to Las Vegas so see how well the Mirage has been doing with their chunk of our fortune (a dining report for the Mirage will follow on the Southwest board). As usual we left the house three hours after I thought we would, which was five hours after the Mrs. had promised she would be ready. So that liquid diet drink I had consumed at 9:00 was a distant memory when we pulled in to the In-N-Out parking lot in Barstow (at the Lenwood Exit of the I-15) at about 4:30.

Around about the crest of the Cajon Pass we had realized that neither one of us had remembered to pack the essential liquid diet powder mix, so by the time we pulled in to In-N-Out I was hungry and had spent 45 minutes or so justifying the need for "real food", since the powdered nourishment was back in Chino and we were not going to turn around for that.

The Mrs. had a cheeseburger with only "spread" and I had a Double-Double with the usual lettuce, tomato, spread and raw onion. We each had an order of fries and a soft drink. I can't speak for the Mrs.' burger, but my Double-Double hit the spot. (That is what four months of burger abstinence will do for you.)

Just the right balance of meat and bright yellow cheese (or is that "cheese food", I don't care, it works with this rendition), with the fresh veggies and spread. I did exercise restaint and only ate half my fries, somehow the other half managed to disappear.

The big news at In-N-Out, at least in Barstow was the apparent demise of the cardboard trays in favor of new plastic trays, with high sides. (See photo below.) The tray worked fine for our two burgers and fries consumed "in house", and I imagine they still dispense cardboard at the drive through window, but if I were really hungry, and not on the liquid diet, that little tray just would not cut it.

The burgers, fries, one medium and one large soda ran about $10.00.

On the return trip today we grabbed some stale pastry, some peanuts and a Coke and bottled water for a late "breakfast" at the Chevron mini-mart at Primm. Very unsatisfying, so when we started passing Baker at about 1:00 I noticed there is a new Coco's in town, so we exited the I-15 in the middle of town at Baker, and back-tracked about 1/3 of a mile to the new Coco's.

Standard Coco's fare. The Mrs. had a lukewarm tortilla soup which she did not finish and a green salad and some bread and butter. I had a quesadilla that contained chicken breast, cheese, peppers (supposedly, I could not detect any heat, although there was some disernable green matter in there) and BBQ sauce of all things. I actually thought this was not too bad. Very hot off the griddle, nice chicken, melted cheese, and that BBQ sauce. (Of course being a fugitive from the liquid diet, my taste buds are probably all screwed up.) The "Cobb Salad" was fairly uneventful and I did not finish it. The Mrs. had coffee and I had ice tea, which was good.

I think this little repast ran about $30.00, I don't remember looking at the bill too closely, just handing it and a C note to the Mrs. to pay the cashier for me while I waltzed out of the joint with my walker.

So the big news for Baker is that now in addition to the old stalwarts Bun Boy, Mad Greek and the fairly recent Denny's, there is a Coco's. It also looked like the Del Taco folded.


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