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Chinese Tea Eggs - Quick method with Photos


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Chinese Tea Eggs - Quick method with Photos

vicki_vale | Feb 15, 2010 04:23 PM

I have a modified quickie tea egg method.

The marinade is a combination of Master Sauce (dark soy) and Tea Egg (black tea and five spice). Instead of gently cracking the hard-boiled eggs and letting them marble in a slow cooker for a whole day, I just peel them naked and let them sit in hot marinade for two short hours.

These eggs (photos attached) were made with brown medium-sized organic eggs. The eggs were probably a little too fresh - you can see some dings and dents after I peel them. Anyhow, the smaller sized eggs give a better surface area -to- marinade ratio, I think, and just look at the naturally gorgeous dark yellow yolks! I sprinkled a little Japanese orange sesame chili pepper for the final touch.

Love to hear your home cooking variations

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