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Chinese Takeout in the Movies and on Television


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Chinese Takeout in the Movies and on Television

Chinon00 | Sep 24, 2006 06:09 PM

Have you ever noticed that when Chinese takeout is being consumed in a movie or on a television program that the characters:
1) invariably are using chopsticks to eat it with (and not the "giveaway", cheap, and difficult to cleanly separate kind of chopsticks but the really nice kind of chopsticks with decorations on them).
2) are eating directly from the white paper container pail (even the quart size).
In my life I've always eaten and have noticed others eating Chinese takeout with a fork. How many chowhounds (forget the general public) own a very nice pair of chopsticks? And generally it's also eaten on a plate (having been transferred from the container pail) in real life. Is there any reason why in this case tv and the movies are so far from reality?

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