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new chinatown find(and gripe about La Esquina)--New Wonton Garden


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new chinatown find(and gripe about La Esquina)--New Wonton Garden

malok | Jul 31, 2005 03:14 PM

Last night was leaving the Mercury lounge and all of us decided to get something to eat, were going to go to La Esquina--after hearing about their great tacos and told that they were open 24 hours. After walking all the way there we were told that they were not open late at night until the fall--contrary to their neon sign and all the press they had been releasing.
As we were walking there via mott st. we passed this place called New Wonton Garden, at which point my friend's girlfriend says that her aunt brought her soup from there and that the place has the best wonton soup ever. I am a true skeptic when it comes to Wonton soup, because invariably it is this watered down broth with a few pieces of overcooked wonton in it. Explaining my skepticism, she says that this is totally different and that I have to try it. So we go in and unfortunately they are closing up, but after all this talk I figure I better get some to go. So we each got a container of wonton soup( I think it was called wonton in beef stew.. but not sure) for 5 bucks a pop and proceeded to go to NY noodle town. Had the soft shell crabs at noodletown, which were awesome as always, but prob not the best thing at 1:30 in the morning after a night of drinking but... Interestingly enough we saw that the staff at Noodletown had sent someone over to New Wonton Garden for this soup for them and there were a couple of the same containers of this soup sitting on their counter, I guess for the staff to have. This boded well....
Anyway, I got up this morning looking forward to my lunch of this soup. This soup was awesome. it had a rich beef broth with large chunks of braised beef floating in it, but not greasy at all. It had a great meaty flavor with a hint of sesame oil. In the soup were five huge shrimp filled wontons perfectly cooked(even the next day), not mushy at all, full of flavor. On the bottom of the container was a perfect nest of vermicelli--also perfectly cooked and not mushy at all. It was a complete meal in a bowl. With a touch of chili oil it was perfect.By far the best wonton soup I have ever had, and one of the top 5 soups overall that I have ever had. everyone who has ever turned their nose at the notion of wonton soup should try this, your mind will be changed forever

New Wonton Garden
56 Mott Street

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