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Chicken stock - purine content and gout


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Chicken stock - purine content and gout

AreBe | Mar 16, 2012 10:48 AM

I'm very proud of my chicken stock. I mostly follow the instructions from Edna Lewis in The Gift of Southern Cooking. I hack the birds with a cleaver until my work area looks like a crime scene, add plenty of carrots and onion, but I cook it much longer than Miss Lewis does, and my stock is rich and flavorful and sets up like Jell-O in the fridge.

But I'm getting over a gout attack stupidly brought on by a week of cooking and eating (1) red kidney beans cooked in that stock with ham & sausage, (2) lentil & sweet potato dal, and (3) shrimp creole. I'm studying up on gout and purine content of foods and see what bad choices I bundled together.

I don't know whether my chicken stock rates as medium or high concentration of purine. I'm afraid that the richness of it caused by chopping the meat & bone into smaller pieces with larger surface area and long extraction times means a higher purine content. What do you think?

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