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Chicken pot pie without the pot

applehome | Jan 19, 2005 08:51 PM

I had a craving for chicken pot pie - we have a great place that does nothing but cpp right outside of Boston (Harrow's in Reading). Theirs is full of big torn chunks of chicken, potatoes, carrots - and really delicious. But every time I have it, my blood sugar goes through the roof - talk about high glycemic value - potatoes, roux based thickener under a flour crust (ok, with some meat).

So I wanted to make something somewhat more reasonable, but reminiscent of a pot pie, and I settled on a stuffed chicken in puff pastry. This is what I came up with:

Finely chop mirapoix w/mushrooms and garlic & spices (thyme, oregano, s&p). Saute in evoo & butter.

Take skinned chicken breast, (frozen, 10-lb bags at costco), split and make a pocket. S&p the whole thing. Stuff with mirapoix and roll around so that the opening is on the bottom.

Get Pepperidge farm (or better) puff pastry dough - cut each into 2 pieces, take each piece and wrap around the stuffed chicken, seal the edges with a fork and poke holes on top. Place on a well oiled sheet, paint with melted butter, and bake for 45 minutes at 400.

Made chicken gravy from my own stock (very gelatinous, as I use a lot of wing tips - doesn't require a lot of flour): used the pan with the mirapoix leftovers, put in a little more evoo and 2 TBS white whole wheat flour, cooked until a little brown, then put in the stock and stirred to a boil.

Also made mashed potatoes - and some salad.

I just took a spoonful of the potatoes - with the "pie" (empanada, whatever...) and a little gravy - I had exactly what I wanted. Got the nice crispy, flaky crust, a nice moist, tender and tasty piece of chicken... enough of the gravy and potatoes to make me happy...

This was really easy. The family was happy, and my blood sugar didn't go up the wall.

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