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Chicken liver recipes


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Chicken liver recipes

Evil Ronnie | Nov 3, 2003 05:48 PM

I'm crazy about chicken livers but don't often see them on restaurant menus. Years ago I used to do the spaghetti "Caruso" from James Beard's American Cookery in which the spaghetti is topped with tomato sauce, sauteed livers and mushrooms, then grated cheese. I liked it better with the more pungent Pecorino Romano which I bought from one of the Italian grocers near Baltimore's Lexington market.

One of my regular stops back then was a fried chicken vendor inside the market where I would often get livers (gizzards, wings, and backs, too)with potato wedges which were floured and then deep fried in the chicken grease, then seasoned with a "secret" seasoning. This was dirt cheap, so good and greasy...

Today I sauteed a pound of livers in a mixture of canola oil, bacon fat, and butter, after dredging them in seasoned flour. Some of the livers were medium rare to medium and pinkish, and some were more crusty and medium well. I love them all.

One of my most memorable chicken liver experiences was
a risotto at The Lanesborough in London a few years ago, but I would also give anything for a plate of sauteed chicken livers with onions from Luby's Cafeteria in Texas, with their macaroni and cheese, and that green pea salad with the diced celery and cheese cubes. Chopped liver and thinly sliced kosher salami on corn rye is a treat also.

One of my favorite and "out there" food combinations is crisp deep fried chicken livers with Indian mixed pickle and ketchup.

Im sure that some of you chowhounds have favorite recipes for chicken livers, and if not, I'd like to hear about some of the memorable dishes that you've had. Thanks.

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