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Why are chicken breasts so HUGE?

TwirlyGirly | Jan 9, 201209:07 AM

Am I the only person that thinks the size of chicken breast halves have gotten to be ridiculously huge? My family consists of just me, and my 15 year old daughter. We both have small to average appetites. Because we're on a budget, we eat a lot of chicken.

in the US, the majority of adults are dealing with weight issues. Luckily, we're not. But the serving size for chicken is 4 oz. It used to be the "average" boneless chicken breast weighed in at about 4-5 oz., but in the past few years I've noticed they're getting larger and larger. Now I'm bringing home breasts that often weigh in at 12+ oz. each!!!

How many families cook ONE chicken breast half, and divide it among three people? None, I bet. So people are either eating MUCH more than they should, or wasting a whole lotta food.

The bone-in breasts are just as bad. I bought a package of three bone-in breast halves yesterday - and the package weighed 4.25 ibs. That means each breast half weighs almost 1.5 lbs.!

Most recipes which use whole boneless (or bone-in) breasts are written for breasts iin the 4-6 oz. range. I used to make a lot of stuffed boneless breasts for freezing (such as Chicken Kiev, Chicken Cordon Bleu, etc.) but I can't do that anymore because there is NO way either one of us can eat an entire 12 oz. breast. I've been unsuccessful in my attempts to cut the boneless breasts in half before stuffing (wrong shape - I can't get the stuffing properly enclosed). Cutting them in half after cooking makes the fillling leak out - so one of us gets it all, while the other gets none.

It's aggravating. If I knew who to complain to, I would.

Maybe we should start a petition or something!

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