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Chicken And Asparagus Vs. Broccoli


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Chicken And Asparagus Vs. Broccoli

Dennis | Oct 15, 2000 06:11 AM


I am wondering about something. Our best local carry out Chinese restaurant puts out a wonderful Chicken & Asparagus dish. The chicken slices are of high quality, all white, and the asparagus is crisp and fresh. There is hardly any sauce, and you can see all of the ingredients clearly.

The other day I was in the mood for Broccoli instead. So, I ordered their Chicken & Broccoli, expecting the same style of preparation, except that they would substitute the broccoli for the asparagus.

I was in for a rude awakening. The chicken pieces were cheap ragged chunks, mostly dark meat, some of which were barely edible. And whereas there was hardly any sauce in the asparagus dish, the broccoli dish was literally saturated with lots and lots of thick brown sauce. I had to pour and squeeze most of it out to make it edible.

It was hard to believe that both dishes came from the same restaurant. Is Chicken & Broccoli a dish that is traditionally prepared with lots of brown sauce at most Chinese restaurants? Another carry out Chinese restaurant prepares Chicken & Broccoli in pretty much the same way--with lots of brown sauce--but with a better quality of chicken slices.

Chicken & Broccoli (Chinese style) would be so much better without all of that yucky brown sauce! Next time I go back, I might try to ask them to prepare it in the same style as their asparagus dish.


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