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Chez le Portugais

catroast | Apr 27, 2012 06:03 AM

Call me a fool - I read the bad reviews and purchased on of their $35 for $70 deals on Living Social. I had the misfortune of eating there last night. The food is terrible; the Jewish General Hospital cafeteria is even better.

The meal started with an enormous bowl of carrot soup that must have been made with sea water. Oddly, it was the only edible course. Next the bombastic waiter/owner brought a trio of appetizer - which was literally one of those long trio plates with food slopped into each container. There was previous frozen calamari drowning in a sauce of butter and parsley; there was a soupy tomatoey rice and there was escargot and mushrooms (both of which were previously canned) in a dreadful cream sauce. After a delay, the waiter took it away and after a 20 minute wait, TO OUR HORROR brought us the exact same dish. It took him a few minutes to realize what he had done, after which he brought us our wilted salad with raspberry vinaigrette. Finally our mains came on the same trio plate. As he explained, it was trio of chicken, beef and vegetables --- this became a running joke because he sold this dish to just about everyone in the restaurant...anyways, the chicken was two morsels of sliced chicken breast in the same cream sauce and with the same mushrooms as the escargot. In the middle was the roasted vegetables which were good except that they were over-salted. The beef was some fatty chunk of overcooked stew meat in a bland tomato based sauce. Dessert was a natas with cinnamon sprinkled on top and a small glass of porto. the drink was surprisingly good as was the natas - but probably because neither was made in house ;).

For some godforsaken reason people kept coming - many did not finish their plates. There was also a huge loud drunken party in the back room.

In all, not worth the $35 for 2, and certainly not worth $70. A fair price would have been $12 for two - and even then I wouldn't recommended. Don't even try - it is as bad as any restaurant could possibly be. Yes it is that bad.

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