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Which Chef's Choice model?

carlyman | Jan 13, 201008:19 AM

This is my first post!!! I have read countless entries for so long that have helped me with recipes, cookware, and the like. This place rocks!

But it seems I've finally come to question that I cannot find the answer to. I own a couple Shun Classic knives (10in Chef, 6in Utility, etc) as well as some Wusthof Grand Prix II (Santoku, etc). I agree that getting professional sharpening is ideal (or learning to do it myself), but sometimes having an electric sharpener around is convenient (and effective).

Given that I have both German and Japanese knives, it would seem the Chef's Choice 1520 EdgeSelect is a great choice since it can work a 15 degree or 20 degree edge. However, it sacrifices the typical 1st stage for heavily worked knives and only offers the last two stages (first two are split for the angle you want with a shared stropping stage I believe).

How often is the first stage really needed? Are the equivalent of stages 2 and 3 good enough for every day knives that I hone with each use and would use this to sharpen 1-2x per year?

Or...should I go with the Chef's Choice Trizor XV EdgeSelect and just give all my knives a 15 degree edge?

Here's a comparison spreadsheet: http://docs.google.com/viewer?url=htt...

Thanks so much!

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