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Tell the chef his food is too salty?


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Tell the chef his food is too salty?

lolosiege | Apr 11, 2011 03:29 PM

Had the tasting menu at one of those high-end, have to book the reservation months in advance places the other night (actually flew to another city just for this dinner). For the most part, the meal was everything I had hoped for and more, but at least two of many, many courses were way too salty - not just a little over seasoned but seriously salty, one so salty it made me start coughing, and my dinner companion felt the same way. Chef is famous, and was even on-site that night. Again, overall an incredibly enjoyable experience so not looking to be nasty, and normally I wouldn't even think of saying something. But this was the kind of place some of us save up for a really long time just to be able to afford the one meal (and from what I've read, the chef is a real perfectionist), so maybe he'd want to know that someone in his kitchen has a heavy hand with the salt. Would you say something or leave well-enough alone?

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