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Cheesecake Factory - is it so bad?


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Cheesecake Factory - is it so bad?

foodude | Mar 21, 2003 04:03 PM

I've gone back through the archives of this message board and observed that sometimes the chowhounds indulge in a guilty pleasure or two - something that's not considered culinary excellence but is enjoyable nonetheless. That would be Cheesecake Factory for me.
Everytime I've eaten there the food was very good and abundant. It really is a lot of food for what one pays, and I'm truly amazed at how vast their menu is without compromising the quality (from my experience). The attacks on this place seem to be snobbery in reverse - it's a chain, I didn't discover it, and therefore it must suck. So you won't feel special eating there, like it's your own little discovery, but it evidently appeals to a lot of people's tastes. I, for one, don't think it's just slick packaging and marketing. The only thing that does suck is how long you have to wait for a table, which is one reason I don't frequent there more often.

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