Cheese Course Help!


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Cheese Course Help!

BabyLitiGator | May 4, 2005 10:01 PM

So I'm doing dessert for a small group (just 4 of us) on Saturday and was thinking of putting together a cheese course, and figured I'd use Chowhound to get suggestions.

I've only gotten into cheese in the last year or so, so there are huge holes in my knowledge and pairing abilities. Here goes:

My current thoughts are (1) taleggio (2) very unsure (3) humboldt fog and (4) valdeon, with the obvious figs, walnuts, honey, and grapes. Also thinking a late harvest Muscato to round it out.

My questions are (1) am I going about this the wrong way in mixing these cheeses? (2) if so, what are some alternatives, (3) any suggestions for cheese number two? (4) how much total cheese do I need for 4 ppl (thinking 3/4 pound)?

Thanks much!

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